So unless you ignore technology completely you are probably at least remotely aware that news broke recently that any 3g capable Apple device is now tracking you. As a bit of a paranoid person (that might or might not be an understatement) I can safely say that things like this cropping up are unsettling at the very least yet oddly enough some folks are actively embracing the “feature” and willingly posting the contents of the logging file to the internet. Honestly I’m not exactly full of secrets that I need to hide but I sure as hell don’t feel the need to revile the entire online world with a detailed map of where I go from the front of the office to have a smoke to the bathroom when I feel like fouling it up, yet these tool bags seem to think that involuntary tracking is totally rad.

On the side of actual technical things its obviously not a genius idea to leave a file with this kind of data unencrypted and basically ripe for the plucking like Apple has done and I can’t help but wonder if its actually made that way for a reason. It would be quite interesting to dig into the guts of a new iPhone and see if anything but the logging software actually accesses the file or if there are known viruses out in the wild which go after the synced file after its been transfered to the computer that the phone is managed with; even if you come up negative in both respects I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a virus in the future sought out the files and made use of them for some nefarious ends.

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