So like a good IT person whos had the mantra of “STAY UP TO DATE” drilled into my head in every course I’ve ever taken I updated to 3.2 and subsequently 3.2.1 this morning.  Currently its been a hell of jumbled up support forum posts, blog entries and just general stupid in trying to make things work right again.  Currently I am unable to install plugins, but rather than getting a message about how the plugin hasn’t been tested with the current version of WordPress its instead saying its unable to create the necessary directories in /wp-content/update/whatever/whatever in order to install the plugins.  Naturally I poked around and found plenty of people saying to recursively assign a file permission of 755 to the wp-content folder to fix everything; of course that didn’t work.  I even took the nuclear option of blasting away all of my files and going back to a clean install of WordPress and even that didn’t fix things.

After at least two hours of this crap I’ve thrown in the towel, no more useful plugins for me like Google Analytics, WP SyntaxHighlighter or twitter, since it appears that there is no fix in the works for this issue and its not fixable by simply installing a clean copy of WordPress.  Its quite disappointing as I went to WordPress in hopes of having more flexibility as well as total control over my content (as opposed to things like Blogger) but it seems that the control ends where plugins begin with ole WP.

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