Unless you have been living under a rock (even prison inmates get TV now) you have probably heard about the reporter who blew the whistle on the phone hacking scandal that has caused NotW to close and possibly even forced Murdoch himself to step down as CEO of News Corp has magically turned up dead.  Naturally this is a proper nightmare of a shit-storm for the company with their stocks taking a beating in light of the scandal.

Normally this early in a death people try to avoid jumping to conclusions but in this case I would say it would be absolutely shocking if the reporter found dead died of anything even resembling natural causes; considering he was about 47 years old and lives in a nation with a socialized medicine program. ┬áIf Murdoch was only ‘considering’ stepping down I would think after the autopsy is complete and the investigation starts I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes good on his consideration and puts as much distance as possible between himself and News Corp, at least until the memory of all this passes and the public is on to their next big thing.

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