Since I updated the blog I’ve been keeping an eye on the WordPress support forums, and as far as I can tell 3.2 has managed to break so many things that its not even funny. The best part is that multiple people are having the issue I am encountering with file permissions and creating folders during the process of installing plugins and themes.  In fact some some folks were having essentially the same issue as far back as 3 weeks ago, so if it was an existing issue then 3.2 didn’t fix it, and if it was new one would think they would be rushing to get on fixing it.

Unfortunately it seems that nobody is addressing the issue besides the standard boilerplate of “disable all plugins and use the twenty-eleven theme”  I can’t speak for others but this sort of robotic response to every issue is pretty infuriating; its the same thing you hear when you call some place for tech support in one fashion or another.  Sure disabling the plugins and using the stock theme will rule out certain issues but besides that nobody is saying anything as far as possible solutions go other than manually assigning a 777 permission every single time you want to upload something.

Its shit like this which almost makes me miss Blogger as a platform because at least it worked without all the headache that I’ve had dealing with this crap.

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