Fresh SCADA hacks /

Jesus H Christ on a pogo-stick, why are these things still being left attached to the damn internet?  People have been ragging on the utility industry to get their shit in gear and lock down their SCADA equipment for years now, especially Bruce Schneier.  I can’t even fathom how this has been left alone for so long and nobody has managed to take out the power and water to a major city like say Chicago.  I just hope those who do tread upon the various SCADA systems out there continue to be like pr0f and not some anti-social miscreant who thinks its a great idea to plunge a city into darkness for shits and giggles; at least until we finally realize this is a very real threat and address its accordingly.

A silent room full of people

That’s what the office is this morning, and its of note because even though few people are actually talking a good portion of us are conversing over the in-house IM system.  Its kind of strange to look around at a room with about 15 to 20 people in it and not hear anything but the sounds of clicking on keyboards.  To compound the humor of this situation (or at least the humor I find in it) is some of these people are sitting in close proximity to each other but rather than talk they type.  I can’t help but wonder if this is the direction all offices will go eventually; morphing from buzzing productivity to stately silence except for the clicking of keyboards and mice and the quiet hum of computers processing information.