Some days…

Today has been one of those days (or rather nights) that I just don’t feel like doing much of anything and especially don’t feel like doing work.  I don’t know if its the night shift getting to me, my piss poor eating habits sending my body chemistry into a tail spin or just the usual blah of the changing seasons kicking in but I can’t see the point in much of anything right now.  These kinds of funks tend to leave me questioning my profession and career path, looking for a reason to just drop it all and go do something simple instead where I don’t have to think or use my brain for anything more than regulation of bodily functions

Further introspection on my choice of career makes me wonder why I’m really here in the first place, its not like I create anything useful or provide a service to people.  All I create is more data (and not all of it useful) and the service I provide by showing up to work is aimed at businesses more than people.  Colleagues are progressing onward or expanding into new directions yet my position at the new company is not that different from my old position and it all starts to feel like the same old song and dance.  Friends are developing lives and generally growing as people yet I’m still the same person I was five or even ten years ago just with more disposable income.

Money is another thing I find myself thinking about a lot recently, and how much I make in relation to the work I do in order to earn that money.  For all intents and purposes I am a glorified ticket monkey; I process tickets and direct them to the necessary groups for investigation and resolution but I don’t actually do anything technical other than wrangle the various ticketing systems into some semblance of order; yet I get paid twice what I did at my previous employer for quite literally half the quantifiable work.  I was having a conversation with someone the other day who said that if they made 200 to 300 dollars a week that they would be doing damn good.  I crunched a few numbers in my head and realized that I make more than that in a single night and I didn’t do even half the work that the other person did.  This of course lead me to wondering how its even right that I make so much for doing so little and more importantly how much is enough as far as money is concerned.

I would like to be able to tell myself that this job is just temporary and will be a stepping stone to either building the retreat I’ve always wanted or a jumping point to higher echelons of Information Technology but I honestly don’t know what this job is to me right now.  It would be nice if I could feel immersed in my work and have that sense of satisfaction when I leave work in the morning but I just don’t have that right now.

Another Day

That is all 9/11 is now, just another day.  Every single damn year they trot out the survivors and ask for their stories regarding the incident, and every year its the same drivel.  I wonder when the news media will finally get bored of running the same luke warm human interest stories?

WordPress: A failure of possibly epic proportions

Since I updated the blog I’ve been keeping an eye on the WordPress support forums, and as far as I can tell 3.2 has managed to break so many things that its not even funny. The best part is that multiple people are having the issue I am encountering with file permissions and creating folders during the process of installing plugins and themes.  In fact some some folks were having essentially the same issue as far back as 3 weeks ago, so if it was an existing issue then 3.2 didn’t fix it, and if it was new one would think they would be rushing to get on fixing it.

Unfortunately it seems that nobody is addressing the issue besides the standard boilerplate of “disable all plugins and use the twenty-eleven theme”  I can’t speak for others but this sort of robotic response to every issue is pretty infuriating; its the same thing you hear when you call some place for tech support in one fashion or another.  Sure disabling the plugins and using the stock theme will rule out certain issues but besides that nobody is saying anything as far as possible solutions go other than manually assigning a 777 permission every single time you want to upload something.

Its shit like this which almost makes me miss Blogger as a platform because at least it worked without all the headache that I’ve had dealing with this crap.

The Woes of WordPress 3.2.1

So like a good IT person whos had the mantra of “STAY UP TO DATE” drilled into my head in every course I’ve ever taken I updated to 3.2 and subsequently 3.2.1 this morning.  Currently its been a hell of jumbled up support forum posts, blog entries and just general stupid in trying to make things work right again.  Currently I am unable to install plugins, but rather than getting a message about how the plugin hasn’t been tested with the current version of WordPress its instead saying its unable to create the necessary directories in /wp-content/update/whatever/whatever in order to install the plugins.  Naturally I poked around and found plenty of people saying to recursively assign a file permission of 755 to the wp-content folder to fix everything; of course that didn’t work.  I even took the nuclear option of blasting away all of my files and going back to a clean install of WordPress and even that didn’t fix things.

After at least two hours of this crap I’ve thrown in the towel, no more useful plugins for me like Google Analytics, WP SyntaxHighlighter or twitter, since it appears that there is no fix in the works for this issue and its not fixable by simply installing a clean copy of WordPress.  Its quite disappointing as I went to WordPress in hopes of having more flexibility as well as total control over my content (as opposed to things like Blogger) but it seems that the control ends where plugins begin with ole WP.


So I’m sitting in Burger King waiting for them to start serving lunch and aimlessly surfing the internet when I see a man and woman come out of the same bathroom with conspiratorial smiles on their faces and walk right past an impromptu meeting of BK employees.  Sadly it took me a good 5 seconds to realize just what they had been up to, then a few seconds later the disgust caught up with me.  I’ve seen the inside of those bathrooms several times and I can’t imagine attempting to bang one out in there.  What the hell is wrong with people, are their private sex lives so damn boring that now they have to go out into public and screw in places where they really shouldn’t in order to get a cheap thrill?  Maybe instead of going into IT I should have gotten some kind of degree in the psy-whatever field and did counseling for these screwed up individuals who feel the need to shag in public bathrooms.

iPhone Tracking? No Thanks!

So unless you ignore technology completely you are probably at least remotely aware that news broke recently that any 3g capable Apple device is now tracking you. As a bit of a paranoid person (that might or might not be an understatement) I can safely say that things like this cropping up are unsettling at the very least yet oddly enough some folks are actively embracing the “feature” and willingly posting the contents of the logging file to the internet. Honestly I’m not exactly full of secrets that I need to hide but I sure as hell don’t feel the need to revile the entire online world with a detailed map of where I go from the front of the office to have a smoke to the bathroom when I feel like fouling it up, yet these tool bags seem to think that involuntary tracking is totally rad.

On the side of actual technical things its obviously not a genius idea to leave a file with this kind of data unencrypted and basically ripe for the plucking like Apple has done and I can’t help but wonder if its actually made that way for a reason. It would be quite interesting to dig into the guts of a new iPhone and see if anything but the logging software actually accesses the file or if there are known viruses out in the wild which go after the synced file after its been transfered to the computer that the phone is managed with; even if you come up negative in both respects I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a virus in the future sought out the files and made use of them for some nefarious ends.

Damn Spammers

So it seems if I make any kind of post with a reasonably popular search term in the body some fuck-head spammer finds my site and puts up some bullshit comment that then generates a notification email which makes my phone buzz. Thoroughly annoyed at being disturbed I then have to login to the site and moderate said comment, because fucking spammers have no damn lives. If you are reading this and happen to be a spammer do me a favor and quit breathing.

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