Something missing from Nerdcore?

So I was driving home the other day listening to a selection of nerdcore songs including Nursehella, Ytcracker, Ultraklystron and a few others when something struck me, most of the computer related topics covered tend to be either general use such as downloading things, posting to blogs, posting items on craigslist and ebay, etc or the nefarious side of things such as piracy, spam and hacking. ┬áThe white and gray hat side of things is almost never represented in the genre, and I can’t help but feel that the scene is a little lacking because of this. ┬áSurely there must be some NetSec folks out there with a little skill at rhyming that could contribute something, even if only a hand full of tracks about smacking down DDoS attacks, dismantling botnets and interrupting hacks in progress.